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INFO function: Description, Usage, Syntax, Examples and Explanation

What is INFO function in Excel? INFO function is one of the Information functions in Microsoft Excel that returns information about the current operating environment. Syntax of INFO function INFO(type_text) The INFO function syntax has the following arguments: Type_text: Text that specifies what type of information you want returned. Type_text Returns “directory” Path of the current directory or folder. “numfile” Number…

Add line break based on OS in Excel

To add a line break taking into account the current OS (Mac or Windows), you can use the INFO function to test the system and then return the correct break character — CHAR(10) for Windows, CHAR(13) for Mac. Note: make sure you have text wrap enabled on cells that contain line breaks. Formula =IF(INFO(“system”)=”mac”,CHAR(13),CHAR(10)) Explanation The character used for line breaks is…