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INFO function: Description, Usage, Syntax, Examples and Explanation

What is INFO function in Excel?

INFO function is one of the Information functions in Microsoft Excel that returns information about the current operating environment.

Syntax of INFO function


The INFO function syntax has the following arguments:

  • Type_text: Text that specifies what type of information you want returned.
Type_text Returns
“directory” Path of the current directory or folder.
“numfile” Number of active worksheets in the open workbooks.
“origin” Returns the absolute cell reference of the top and leftmost cell visible in the window, based on the current scrolling position, as text prepended with “$A:”. This value is intended for for Lotus 1-2-3 release 3.x compatibility. The actual value returned depends on the current reference style setting. Using D9 as an example, the return value would be:

  • A1 reference style     “$A:$D$9”.
  • R1C1 reference style    “$A:R9C4”
“osversion” Current operating system version, as text.
“recalc” Current recalculation mode; returns “Automatic” or “Manual”.
“release” Version of Microsoft Excel, as text.
“system” Name of the operating environment:
Macintosh = “mac”
Windows = “pcdos”
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Important:  In previous versions of Microsoft Excel, the “memavail”, “memused”, and “totmem” type_text values, returned memory information. These type_text values are no longer supported and now return a #N/A error value.

Example of INFO function

Steps to follow:

1. Open a new Excel worksheet.

2. Copy data in the following table below and paste it in cell A1

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Note: For formulas to show results, select them, press F2 key on your keyboard and then press Enter.

You can adjust the column widths to see all the data, if need be.

Formula Description Result
‘=INFO(“numfile”) Number of active worksheets INFO(“numfile”)
‘=INFO(“recalc”) Recalculation mode for the workbook. =INFO(“recalc”)

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