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Sum formulas only in Excel

This tutorial shows how to Sum formulas only in Excel using the example below;




To sum results from formulas only, you can use the SUMPRODUCT and ISFORMULA functions. In the example shown, the formula in F6 is:


where “sales” is the named range C5:C13, values in C5:C9 are hardcoded, and values in C10:C13 are generated with formulas.

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How this formula works

This formula uses boolean logic to “filter” the numbers in column C before summing with the SUMPRODUCT function. When the formula is evaluated, values in the named range “sales” are expanded into an array:


To filter out any values that aren’t created by a formula, the ISFORMULA function is to create an array of TRUE FALSE values like this:


When these two arrays are multiplied by each other, the math operation coerces the TRUE and FALSE values to 1’s and 0’s:


The zeros cancel out non-formula results, and SUMPRODUCT sums and returns a final result.

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Not formulas

To sum values not generated by a formula, you can add the NOT function like this:


Here, the NOT function reverses the TRUE FALSE results returned by ISFORMULA function, which filters out any values generated with a formula.

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