MEDIAN function in Excel

Excel Date and Time Functions return a dynamic date or time in a cell.

Get work hours between dates and times in Excel

To calculate total work hours between two dates and times, you can use a formula based on the NETWORKDAYS function. Formula =(NETWORKDAYS(start,end)-1)*(upper-lower) +IF(NETWORKDAYS(end,end),MEDIAN(MOD(end,1),upper,lower),upper) -MEDIAN(NETWORKDAYS(start,start)*MOD(start,1),upper,lower) Explanation In the example shown, E5 contains this formula: =(NETWORKDAYS(B5,C5)-1)*(upper-lower) +IF(NETWORKDAYS(C5,C5),MEDIAN(MOD(C5,1),upper,lower),upper) -MEDIAN(NETWORKDAYS(B5,B5)*MOD(B5,1),upper,lower) where “lower” is the named range H5 and “upper” is the named range H6. How this formula works This formula calculates… read more »