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Check if multiple cells have same value with case sensitive in Excel

To verify that multiple cells have the same value with a case-sensitive formula, you can use a simple array formula based on the EXACT and AND functions. See example below:




In the example shown, the formula in G5 is:


This is an array formula and must be entered with control + shift + enter

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How this formula works

This formula uses the EXACT formula to compare a range of cells to a single value:


Because we give EXACT a range of values in the first argument, we get back an array result containing TRUE FALSE values:


This array goes into the AND function, which returns TRUE only if all values in the array are TRUE.

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Ignore empty cells

To ignore empty cells, but still treat non-empty cells in a case-sensitive manner, you can use a version of the formula based on SUMPRODUCT:


Here, we count exact matches using the same EXACT formula above, get a total count with SUMPRODUCT, and compare the result to a count of all non-empty cells, determined by COUNTA.

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This is an array formula but control + shift + enter is not required because SUMPRODUCT handles the array natively.

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