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Invoice status with nested if in Excel

This tutorial shows how to calculate Invoice status with nested if in Excel using the example below;




To determine invoice status (i.e. paid, open, overdue), you can use a nested IF formula and the TODAY function.

In the example shown, the formula in G5 is:


How this formula works

Note: the “current date” (i.e. today) for this example is May 31, 2016

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With nested IF statements, the flow is from outer IF statements to inner IF statements, and the challenge is always to construct the flow so that the formula returns a logically correct result.

Here, the outermost IF tests first to see if the balance is zero:


If TRUE, the formula returns “Paid”.

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If not, the result of the first IF is FALSE, and another IF statement is run. This one checks to see if TODAY() is less than the due date in column C:


If TRUE, the formula returns “Open”.

If FALSE, the formula returns “Overdue”.

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