CONCATENATE function in Excel

Excel TEXT functions return a number in a specified number format

Join first and last name — Manipulating NAMES in Excel

If you need to join separate first and last names together into a single full name, you can easily do so with concatenation using the ampersand (&) character. In the formula below, first is first name, and last is last name. Formula =first&” “&last Explanation In the example, the active cell contains this formula: =B4&” “&C4 How this formula… read more »

Join Text Strings Using Concatenate or ‘& Operator’ in Excel

This example illustrates how to concatenate (join) strings in Excel. When joining text and a number, use the TEXT function to format that number. 1. Simply use the & operator to join strings. Note: to insert a space, use ” ” 2. The CONCATENATE function produces the exact same result. 3a. The CONCAT function in Excel 2016 produces the exact… read more »