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Excel Data validation specific characters only

Set criteria to accept specific characters only

To use data validation to allow a list of specific characters only, you can use a rather complicated array formula based on the COUNT, MATCH, and LEN functions.




In the example shown, data validation is applied with this formula:


where “allowed” is the named range D5:D11.

How this formula works

Working from the inside out, the MID function is used to generate an array from text entered in B5 with this snippet:


explained in detail here. The result is an array like this:


which goes into MATCH as the lookup value. For lookup array, we use the named range “allowed”, concatenated to an empty string (“”):


The concatenation converts any numbers to strings, so that we are matching apples-to-apples. The result is an array like this:


The last argument in MATCH, match_type is set to zero to force an exact match. Because we give MATCH multiple lookup values, we get back an array with multiple results:


Each number in this array represents a match. In the event a match isn’t found for a character, the array will contain a #N/A error.

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Finally, the COUNT function is used count the numbers in the result array, which is compared to a count of all characters in the cell calculated with the LEN function. When MATCH finds a match for all characters, the counts are equal, the formula returns TRUE, and data validation succeeds. If MATCH doesn’t find a match any character, it returns #N/A instead of a number. In that case, the counts don’t match and data validation fails.

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