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WEBSERVICE function: Description, Usage, Syntax, Examples and Explanation

What is WEBSERVICE function in Excel?

WEBSERVICE function is one of Web functions in Microsoft Excel that returns data from a web service on the Internet or Intranet.


  • Microsoft introduced three new functions in Excel 2013 that will return data from a webservice.
  • The WEBSERVICE function is only available in Excel 2013 and Excel 2016 for Windows.
  • NOTE: This function may appear in the function gallery in Excel for Mac, but it relies on features of the Windows operating system, so it will not return results on Mac.

Syntax of WEBSERVICE function

WEBSERVICE(url)The WEBSERVICE function syntax has the following arguments.

  • Url    Required. The URL of the web service.

WEBSERVICE formula explanation

  • If arguments are unable to return the data, WEBSERVICE returns the #VALUE! error value.
  • If arguments result in a string that is not valid or that contains more than the allowable cell limit of 32767 characters, WEBSERVICE returns the #VALUE! error value.
  • If url is a string that contains more than the 2048 characters that are allowed for a GET request, WEBSERVICE returns the #VALUE! error value.
  • For protocols that aren’t supported, such as ftp:// or file://, WEBSERVICE returns the #VALUE! error value.

Example of WEBSERVICE function

To see illustrated example of WEBSERVICE function visit: 

1. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2013/03/21/use-webservice-functions-to-automatically-update-excel-2013-spreadsheets-with-online-data/
2. https://analystcave.com/excel-webservice-filterxml-functions/

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