How to create simple in-cell histogram in Excel

To create a simple in-cell histogram, you can use a formula based on the REPT function. This can be handy when you have straightforward data, and want to avoid the complexity of a separate chart.




In the example shown, the formula is:


How this formula works

The REPT function simply repeats values. For example, this formula outputs 10 asterisks:

=REPT("*",10) // outputs **********

You can use REPT to repeat any character(s) you like. In this example, we use the CHAR function to output a character with a code of 110. This character, when formatted with the Wingdings font, will output a solid square.

CHAR(110) // square in Wingdings

To calculate the “number of times” for REPT, we scale values in column C by dividing each value by 100.

C11/100 // scale values down

This has the effect of outputting one full square per 100 dollars of sales. Increase or decrease the divisor to suit the data and available space.

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Alternatively, Conditional formatting can be used

You can also use the “data bars” feature in conditional formatting to display an in cell bar.

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