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HOUR function: Description, Usage, Syntax, Examples and Explanation

What is HOUR function in Excel? HOUR function is one of Date and Time functions in Microsoft Excel that returns the hour of a time value. The hour is given as an integer, ranging from 0 (12:00 A.M.) to 23 (11:00 P.M.). Syntax of HOUR function HOUR(serial_number) The HOUR function syntax has the following arguments: Serial_number: The time that contains the hour you…

Excel Date & Time Functions Example

To enter a date in Excel, use the “/” or “-” characters. To enter a time, use the “:” (colon). You can also enter a date and a time in one cell. Note: Dates are in US Format. Months first, Days second. This type of format depends on your windows regional settings. Learn more about Date and Time formats. Year, Month, Day To get the…