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Position of max value in list in Excel

This tutorial shows how to  calculate Position of max value in list in Excel  using the example below;




To get the position of the maximum value in a range (i.e. a list, table, or row), you can use the MAX function together with the MATCH function.

In the example shown, the formula in I5 is:


Which returns the number 4, representing the position in this list of the the most expensive property.

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How this formula works

The MAX function first extracts the maximum value from the range C3:C11.

In this case, that value is 849900.

This number is then supplied to the MATCH function as the lookup value. The lookup_array is the same range C3:C11, and the match_type is set to “exact” with 0.

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With those arguments, MATCH locates finds the maximum value inside the range and returns the relative position of the value in that range.

In this case, the position corresponds to a relative row number, but in a horizontal range, the position would correspond to a relative column number.

Note: in case of duplicates (i.e. two or more max values that are the same) this formula will return the position of the first match, the default behavior of the MATCH function.

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